Sunday, April 24, 2016

The last Tango at Midnight Sun

Today marks the end of a very important part of my journey in Argentine Tango. I am hosting the last gathering/class/practica/workshop at the lovely store with the lovely dance floor that gave me my start as a dance facilitator. 

A student of dance since childhood - I have been blessed to received excellent instruction in various forms of dance. I was introduced to Argentine Tango by a fine teacher in St. Augustine, Florida. The epitome of patience, she worked with me as I lost balance, had spatially dyslexic timeouts, and teaches me still, although now I focus on learning the leaders role.

Argentine Tango is a dance like no other. It is not choreographed! There is no step plan, no 1,2 3, 4 pattern to follow. It is absolutely new each dance with each partner. 

Body memory is key! Balance and posture are critical. Without regular practice it is hard for me to dance my best.  Midnight Sun has offered all of us who seek to learn this dance a gentle start. Taking only a percentage of the door I have been able to offer a guided Practica (translation - practice session) for well over a year now. 

It is important for me to share that I am able to help others learn the basics of the dance as I have taken countless beginners classes from many teachers. Further I have practiced the beginners role daily.  My teachers tell me I have made improvements and have given me the "go ahead" to host a practica. 

Those who come to dance have fun. They learn, as I did, to celebrate this fabulous dance... all the while facing the challenges it presents, failing, rising up, trying agin to integrate the seemingly simple concepts of movement into the fabric of our being.  

So at the end of one journey I begin another. A fine new dance floor is available to me. I am very pleased that there are dancers who want to come with...... to continue the journey.  I thank them. 

To take on the responsibility of renting a venue so that we may all gather to practice is exciting. As I am unable to drive due to a serious injury I am not able to attend many of the Argentine Tango events - the dances - the workshops with the masters - that I would love to attend. 

I do want to dance, and to do so I am willing to hold space - to open a floor  - so that others may join me. It is my hope that Argentine Tango students of other teachers will feel welcome to come and practice the hour or so the floor is open. 

It is my hope that those who want to being the journey will come and learn.  It is my hope that we will all travel to dance at parties when we may and so improve our skills. 

I will endeavor to post all the Argentine Tango events in North East Florida as a priority. I look forward to announcing the day & time we will being in our new location (Murray Hill, Jacksonville, Florida). 

Thank you for reading! 

More to come, 


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