Wednesday, June 1, 2016

SOLA - Are We Ever Dancing Alone?

This past Tuesday evening most all the members of "Argentine Tango Dancers Jacksonville" sent notes to say they would not be dancing.  There are a few dancers who drop in and out, a couple that dances when able, and a few professional people who often work late, so I never know if they're coming out to dance or not. 
Our practica is listed on MeetUp and I am always as ready to be surprised by visiting dancers as I am to enjoy an hours practice on an open floor should no one come to join me. 

(I do find it incredible that in this very large town that I am often the only dancer willing to come out for  practica. I hear rumors of Argentine Tango dancers existing out there.........)

When I made the decision to hold an open floor every week for Argentine Tango in Jacksonville, Florida,  I knew that it was quite likely that there would be more than one evening where I would be the only dancer. 

It seemed last Tuesday evening would be one of those times - then the best of all possible things happened... Facebook dance friends I had not yet met wrote to say that they would be passing through town and asked if they might drop in for a practica or a lesson or a milonga!  

I have had most fortunate dances just like this! Someone passing through town, an experienced dancer from Miami stops in to check out the scene, or a sailor stationed for just a week or so finds us Facebook or MeetUp and walks on in ready to dance! 

I have shared some marvelous Tandas with these wandering dancers. They keep my hope alive! What hope? That there will be an Argentine Tango dance family here! That this city will host a monthly milonga! I need to believe that. 

Tuesday was a lovely night to walk down to the dance studio. Cool for Florida, just after a rain, magical and melancholy all at once. It was perfect for Tango and a fine night for meeting new friends. 

I miscalculated the time it took to walk down to the Studio and arrived just a bit early. Ever hopeful I waited to meet Ace & Paprika. 

I was setting up music when a lovely couple walked in ready to Tango. 

They were willing to take a lesson, and once I discovered that I might have a few more years floor time in Argentine Tango I was willing to share what I have been fortunate to learn. 

Muscle memory is critical in this dance for warm ups, for balance, for posture and collection and I was glad to have all mine on hand. 

So - what did we do? We do what all good dancers do, we warmed up. We workshopped. We shared how we danced and what we knew. 

I have no ballroom training, which is a fine advantage for Argentine Tango - an improvisational dance that is driven by the music, the emotions, and the energetic connection between dancers. 

All of us worked to establish connection, to perfect that energetic union by dancing without the embrace. I could go on to give a moment by moment account of the evening, but all the details would diminish what for me is the best part of becoming a Tanguera.

What is that? It is meeting and dancing and connecting with people who love the dance as much as I. Those who have practiced, who are familiar with steps and ready to share and move and explore all the explosions and pauses and embellishments that are Tango. 

Those of us who love this dance Must Dance this dance. It becomes as vital to well being as a good nights rest. Myself, I don’t like to go a day without practice, a week without a class an a month without a Milonga.

I send best wishes to the traveling members of my dance family everywhere!  


La bailarina de Tango solitaria esta noche

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